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Secret you need to know about Spiritz, Holly ash and Sea salt (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

When It comes to witchcraft some people are very good at mixing herbs. This time you will learn few things you ignored for a while. A mixture which is being used to open people's blessings from happening. This combo will leave you in shock after finishing this article.

Have you ever wondered why some of the thinks don't happen in your life. Ever wondered why people use rough salt from the ocean to bath with. This is mostly practiced to remove or cleanse the curse out of someone's life. To fight bad lucks and curses out of your life, today you need to know about this combo.

Mix sea salt with Spirit not to forget Holly ash, sprinkle this combo around your house before entering the inside. After doing this take rough salt and bath your whole body. This will remove all bad luck's from you, after that don't dump that water you bathed with on your yard. Instead flash the water using the toilet or take that water to the wild. Failing to do so someone around your family will catch this and the course will follow for generations to come. That is why sangomas bath people in the wilf.

That trick helps people to spend less on transport money since some cannot afford to go to the beach for cleansing.

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