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Latest News: Khanyile takes his ancestral calling serious this time by finishing his initiation

Khanyile goes back to Maweni's house


Sources: Izangoma Zodumo Twitter page

Khanyile is a young man who is soon to become a traditional healer/Doctor. Khanyile has been on the initiation school for a while now regarding his ancestral calling at Maweni's house who is his senior. Maweni has described Khanyile as a person who does not take his calling seriously because his mates already graduated and he is still there because he comes and goes out of the process on the initiation. Maweni and Khanyile have a sister and a brother kind of bond which is beautiful.

Since Khanyile left his initiation process in the middle of it, he decided to come back. Khanyile is a kind of person who drinks a lot of alcohol and he loves going to parties and do drugs which is not a good thing when you're in the middle of this kind of process that is the reason why he could not finish his initiation process on time like his mates. Khanyile came back to Maweni's house to ask for forgiveness about his unpleasant behavior and asked to come back and finish his initiation to graduate and become a qualified traditional doctor.

Maweni forgave him because she has a beautiful heart and of course a soft spot for Khanyile. Khanyile is very determined to do better this time and fully focus and dedicate all of his time to his ancestors calling and become a better person. In my opinion i think Khanyile is influenced by the life outside he does not take real life matters seriously and he gets convinced by his friends very easily to take decisions which will make him regret the next day. I hope he makes his ancestors and Maweni proud this time because this might be his last chance given.


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