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How To Be A Better Person To Others

1. Living by Principles Rather Than Emotions

To conduct your life based on principles rather than transitory emotions is the first and simplest step toward being a better person.

Here's the problem

You are a person.

Your brain evolved to keep you alive, not to make you joyful, moral, or otherwise "good," like that of all other humans.

Our minds tend to favor immediate gratification above the ideas we KNOW will improve our lives all too frequently.

Not doing well is not its goal; feeling nice is.

And the ONLY method I've discovered to overcome this is to make a list of personal operational principles that you live by and strictly abide by them.

Even if you REALLY WANT that drink at 2 PM on a Tuesday, it doesn't matter. What values do you uphold?

Whether you WANT to forgo your workout and sleep in is irrelevant. What values do you uphold?

Whether you WANT to disregard the family member or friend who needs your assistance is irrelevant. What values do you uphold?

Principles are the first and best approach to improve yourself, but it is up to you to choose which ones you will adhere to and put them into practice.

2. Educate Yourself About What Really Matters

It's beneficial to educate yourself about finances, health, and other topics.

But people's education nowadays is far too frequently one-dimensional.

They are ignorant of the global issues that actually exist (beyond the fear bait news headlines).

They have no knowledge of human history, philosophy, science, or any other subject.

They only are aware of their bubble.

But you need to broaden your interests if you want to improve yourself.

You must comprehend your surroundings in order to have a better understanding of other people, the world's issues, and how you might unintentionally contribute to many of them (for example, by purchasing iPhones from a factory where the owners had to put nets around the floor so that their employees couldn't commit suicide any longer).

The ordinary person is incredibly poorly informed about how the world functions and the issues we're dealing with.

And you'll be making a significant step toward improving yourself if you're willing to delve into a book that doesn't directly benefit you.

Know Thyself 3.

You need to be aware of your current personality type if you want to become a "better person."

You must be aware of your assets, liabilities, weaknesses, temptations, challenges, and routines.

Not any of the injustices we witness in the media, but rather the general lack of self-awareness among the populace, is the biggest issue facing the globe today.

Most people's impulses and behaviors are not separate from one another.

There is neither introspection nor reflection.

No thinking or action is questioned or examined.

They simply carry on with their way of life without considering WHY.

You must begin by understanding yourself if you want to become a better person. Recognize your advantages and disadvantages so you can apply them for the benefit of humanity.

Instead of presuming that your feelings are accurate, consider WHY you feel and think the way you do about specific issues.

You will be kinder and more positive if you have a greater sense of self.

Almost every issue may be solved by increasing awareness...

Change comes naturally when you are genuinely awake and when you UNDERSTAND yourself.

It's similar to a smoker who "knows" that smoking is unhealthy but still can't give up. until doctors tell him he will die if he doesn't stop using, at which point he starts coughing up blood...

Change becomes simple once he realizes the true cost he is incurring.

And in every other facet of life, the same idea holds true.

4. Demonstrate kindness

People treat one another in a cruel, rude, and downright malicious way.

A simple act of kindness today can go a long way.

It can be as easy as a smile, paying for that elderly woman's lunch at a restaurant, or giving the disorganized waiter a huge tip.

But being kind is always in fashion.

And it's the main thing that improves a person's character.

5. Be Modest

Let me be frank…

No matter how far we may believe we have come... Humans are illiterate.

All of us do not.

I find it puzzling whenever I hear someone attempt to make unquestionable statements about how things are or ought to be because our grasp of ourselves and the universe is so incredibly pathetically insufficient.

Recognize your ignorance.

Accept the fact that you are more ignorant than you believe you are.

Recognize that you can learn a lot from practically anyone and that you are probably wrong about the majority of things.

If we strove to understand ourselves and one another rather than trying to force our views on others, the world would be a much better place.

Life is difficult, baffling, and intricate.

Don't add to the difficulty by letting your conceit influence your decisions and actions.

All I have to offer you is that.

Hope this was useful.

Keep Your Ground,


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