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Pictures: 9 Times People Were Having Fun With Statues

People all around the world are having fun with statues. Statues have different meanings and are built to send out specific messages. The Internet and mobile cameras have given us a lighter side of viewing these statues. Social media users are doing everything possible to grab the attention of others. Some of these pictures can make you cringe. But in real facts they are humorous.

This girl created a video Of herself sitting on tata's lap. This left people's tongues wagging.

Pure intentions: Poor wants to help the bunny up.

This one seems almost impossible, how did he pull out the pose without falling? Photoshop maybe?

Now this one is like a movie scene, so well executed. It's like a woman lost consciousness and the bear is taking her to a place of safety.

It wasn't me.

You can almost hear the guy saying it was not me.

One boxer down and the referee comes to the rescue.

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