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"Is it really a shack?" A young lady's shack bedroom left everyone amazed.

Now I understand when they say 'you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Residing in the shack doesn't necessarily mean that it shouldn't be clean and decorated just like any house. Any place should be clean and decorated, regardless of whether it's a shack or a normally built house.

As I was busy scrolling into my Facebook feed, I came across with a post shared by a young lady on 'Make you room beautiful', a Facebook group where by people share their beautiful and well designed bedrooms. The young lady shared some pictures of her beautiful and clean shack bedroom. The linen, diva chest, floor and wall papers look so beautiful and stylish.

The young lady captioned the post thus: "My mkhukhu", meaning 'my shack'. Almost everyone was surprised of such cleanliness, you all know that the majority of people who reside in the shack are usually unable to keep their place clean nor decorate it, but this girl manages so well to keep her place topnotch.

Almost everyone was complementing, telling her how beautiful and clean her bedroom is via the comments, they were like: "Wow! So beautiful and neat, I love it", "Perfect and clean, if you could get a mat next to your bed". Anyway, check out some of the comments below:

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