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If you lose you teeth in your dreams : here is the meaning

One of the most enjoyable aspects of growing up is overcoming the childhood fear of a monster lurking beneath your bed. Sure, I still wake up sweating after having a nightmare about locking myself out of my apartment, but by the time I've rolled myself to the bathroom to clean my teeth, the nightmare is typically over. But the one that still shakes me to my core is the one in which I lose a tooth (drumroll, please).

I've only had this nightmare (sorry, I'm a drama queen) a few times, and every time it happens, my mouth hurts the next day. Losing your teeth is a truly terrifying event! Even if it isn't true! That is why I need to know what my brain is thinking and whether there is anything I can do in my waking life to make my subconscious forget about it. Two specialists explain what happens in your mind when you have nightmares about losing your teeth.

To begin with, the "losing teeth" dream is extremely common, so you're not alone.

We can all remember how it felt to lose a tooth when we were youngsters, thus it appears that practically everyone has this dream. Jane Teresa Anderson, a dream analyst and therapist, adds, "We all have memories—conscious and unconscious—around our milk teeth coming out and having gaps in our teeth before our new teeth formed." (By the way, milk teeth are also known as baby teeth.)

“We may have all kinds of problems and concerns during those younger years, such as being teased about having gaps in our smiles or losing our confidence,” Anderson explains. Simply put, those emotions are reappearing in a symbolic way.

But don't get too worked up over it. “Halle Berry, too, has this fantasy!” According to Lauri Loewenberg, a dream expert who has worked with celebrities such as Hoda Kotb and Kelly Pickler, Okay, fine, I'm starting to feel better about my strange mentality. I suppose

But so what does the dream signify?

In unsurprising news, dreaming that you've lost a tooth might represent a variety of things. “Dreams involving the mouth or throat area are most typically tied to communication challenges in waking life,” Loewenberg says. In most cases, when your teeth fall out in a dream, it's because you said something without thinking about it first.” To put it another way, your teeth are a metaphor for words spilling out of your mouth. Deep.

“If you have a dream about missing teeth, think about where you have felt a feeling of something missing in your life during the last few days,” Anderson suggests.“If, in your dream, you’re embarrassed to talk because one or more teeth are missing, you may be feeling—or fearing—a lack of confidence,” she added.

That's the thing: dream interpretations are all dependent on what's going on in your actual life. “Our dreams are one-of-a-kind. While millions of people may have dreams about their teeth coming out, the other features in the dream assist pinpoint the particular interpretation,” Anderson explains.

“Focus on how you felt about your teeth falling out to gain a sense of the meaning of your dream,” she suggests. Do you have any apprehensions about losing your job? Perhaps you're subconsciously replaying an embarrassing event from your waking life. Spend some time thinking about your dream, even if it makes you uncomfortable, in order to figure out what it means to you.

Okay, so what should I do if I dream about losing my teeth over and overagain?

If you have reoccurring dreams about losing your teeth, your subconscious is probably trying to communicate with you. “Reoccurring dreams are frequently linked to an ongoing issue (the dream will continue until the issue is resolved) or a recurring behavior pattern that needs to be addressed: “You have the dream every time you do the behavior,” Loewenberg explains.

Is there anything I can do to stop having this dream?

Anderson suggests confronting (eek!) the vision of your teeth falling out—yes, even if it's freaky—if you want to get rid of this unsettling dental dream sequence. “When you wake up, reinvent the dream, but this time your teeth are hard and strong,” Anderson advises. “Imagine yourself acting firm and robust as well. This aids in reprogramming your subconscious mind to fix the problem.

And keep in mind that there's nothing to be concerned about.

While losing one's teeth in a dream can be distressing, it's not cause for alarm. You still have those sparkling whites, sweetie, and who knows, maybe it's causing you to think critically about something that's been bothering you. It's called development, y'all.

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