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Helpful rituals that you can do when you suffer from black water, check below (opinion)

Black water is dangerous to everyone, to turn amadlozi to work for you only it is pure witchcraft

To many families that are suffering from this family betrayal, today I'm talking about this because

Many people that has came to seek help has suffered from black magic, and I know some people won't be happy Because they have done this

If you suspected that you're suffering from black water, follow these steps

Firstly take two white candles communicate with your ancestors (phahla) weep to your ancestors

If that doesn't work go to the sea , collect sea water , pour half or a litter of sea water in the bowel

Then call upon your ancestors as you wash your body, explain everything, ask them what is going on where is blockages

Please show me the light and the way forward your ancestors will show you who is responsible for that

Its either they will show you the person or they will say, they will deal with the problem, they will respond through your dreams

Becareful after you have communicate with your ancestors by white candle in the beginning, check the following dreams

pay attention to your dreams, normally one of these 3 dreams will occurs

Dreaming of clear water , that is a good sign every thing is fine spiritual purity, mucky water white but little hazzy

That mean the is no black water the is nothing to worry about, muddy water wich is brown , black water is there, that mean in your family there is deep curse (amanzi amnyama)

Finally if the all above didn't work go to the forest or mountain, you must have sea water with bucket fire lighters, woods impepho, you can tell you family about this

Before every one musb be washed with water that mixid with sea water

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka the reason why you do this in the mountain or forest you want to leave black water there

Burn impepho and talk with you ancestors, say we don't know where this come from but sangoma said to cleanse this thing in our family

Therefore we ask all of us be pure and remove of spiritual taint and this curse we ask to be clean so that we can move forward like other people

Slaughter a goat mix blood, bile (umswane) and cleanse by that mixture, those family members that didn't participate on that ritual will be left with that curse

After you have done this please tell me

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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