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OPINION | “Ma Mkhize” Showed The Entire South Africa That She is Not Stupid

“Ma Mkhize” Showed The Entire South Africa That She is Not Stupid

Date: 2021/11/29

Ma Mkhize the Royal AM club owner just Graduated to Doctorate overnight, this is how the world works, if you are able to make more money than everyone in the country you are likely going to be respected as such, they will give you honorary degrees for doing absolutely nothing, but that is how the cleverness of a person is measured lately, the smartest is usually the one who knows how to make the most money and in this society and convince people that they are the real deal.


The lady is said to be a billionaire from getting tenders from the government. A doctorate means she will now be known as Dr. Mkhize which means she is educated enough to be at the top and from now on her decisions will be that of an educated person, the will contribute to the knowledge of the world.

Shawn is a lucky human being, who works very hard for her team, she should never go broke as she will kill herself, she is now used to the soft life of wearing Gucci and Louis on her body, she should never take a break as that will make her money run out very fast, as the earth costs more than the money she has.

She has done a philosophy degree but it was not stated at which institution because we all would like to read her paper on Philosophy so we can see her great work.

She is one of the smartest business people this country has ever seen, secured bags at places where most South Africans only dream of doing, some people think she is doing money laundering which is the furthest thing from the truth if anyone would like to know as her business track record is all over the news.


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