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16 Beautiful Pictures Of Khutso Theledi

Here Are Some Of the Things you would like to know about Khutso Theledi

My fondest beloved recollections are of me returning home from life experience school. My father passed on whenI was two years of age, and I went to life experience school from the age of five. My feature was returning home to my mother, siblings and sisters. Family time will forever be vital for me.


I love my father so a lot, despite the fact that I didn't have any acquaintance with him. I do every one of my shows with his image in the studio. He is consistently with me, even in my vehicle. This is abnormal to clarify, particularly in my connections. I have an otherworldly association with him, and I can do nothing without the presence of his picture.

This is my eighth year at YFM. It seems like the sort of connection one has to their first love. I realize that in God's planning, change will occur and it will be huge. Mo Flava and Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng poached me while I was learning at Boston Media House. I didn't realize that I could at any point do radio, however YFM opened that entryway. I'm developing inside the organization, and still infatuated with the audience members.

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Khutso Theledi


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