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" A Place Called Home " Women From Limpopo Writes As She Post Pictures Of Her House

Some people may argue that a house is not a home, and again some people may argue that a bunch people at a certain place does not make a home. The thing is both the house and people form a home, without those things, a house is just a house and people are just people

A certain woman posted pictures of her house on social media and wrote that itis a place called home. Her statement was very clear and loud and we could understand exactly what she meant. The pictures of the hou that she posted portrait some stages of her house. It was the pictures of her house before it was roofed and after roofing

The house she posted is a random sized house, probably a 3 bedrooms house. It doesn't have many fancy pictures but the roof of the house looks like it could have caused her some real money

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A Place Called Home Limpopo


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