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Dating Romantic

Nobody is born ugly, We just live in a judgemental society.

When People Think You Are "Ugly" Automatically They Think You Don't Deserve Nice Things. That's Why When Someone Is Dating A Hot Girl. Other Men Will Ask That Girl What She's Doing With That Man. Even Women Will Ask That Same Question. Being Ugly Is A Death Sentence On It's Own. People Will Assume You Are Also A Bad Person. Have You Ever Asked Yourself. Why Are All The Bad People In Movies Ugly & The Hero Is Handsome? This Is Not A Mistake. This Is How Society Measures Good & Evil. That's Why Jesus Is Painted With Blonde Shiny Hair & Satan Has Horns. The Belief That Good Looking Also Means Good Character Is So Deep In Society. People Can't Wake Up From That Spell. All Media Pushes This Agenda. Whereas In Real Life. It's Usually The Good Looking People That Are Evil.

Some Of The Most Evil Women I've Met Are Also The Most Beautiful. All That Glitters Is Not Gold. That's Why "Ugly" Women Keep Getting Married. They Have Character. The Beautiful Ones Are Arrogant & Want To Be Paid For Being Beautiful. So They Chase Blessers & Put Money Before Everything

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