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If you lock your door and leave the key inside, this is for you - The dangers

People's homes are regularly targeted for their valuables, as reported in the news all the time. The front door is the most popular entry point for burglars and other home invaders. Despite the fact that the doors to the house were secured, intruders were nonetheless able to gain entry. We'll talk about the dangers of leaving your house key in your door lock in this article.

The keys are in the lock when you arrive home from work, school, meetings, the church, or a social engagement, and you completely forget about their being there. You have locked it, after all. That matters most. Of course, you may believe that if the keys are left within the lock, someone else cannot access the other side with a different key. That said, this is the absolute worst idea you've ever had. Having a key on the inside (lock) won't make the exterior any more difficult. It also increases the likelihood of a break-in at your residence. Here's the reason for that.

The first thing a burglar does when he or she enters your house is test the door handle. They primarily do this to determine whether or not the door is secured. When the door is locked and the key is inside, it will make a rattling noise. Most likely, you're under the impression that they make any noise. Try it for yourself; they do exist and can be heard fairly clearly. The criminal now has a way in, and they can easily unlock your door with this key.

In Ghana, the vast majority of doors are of the large, ornate vintage variety (some with a keyhole you can see through). It's easy to see in the image above that this lock is made up of two components. A lengthy bar links the two halves of the frame at this point. The only thing an intruder has to do is get past the guards and into the lock's chamber. As soon as they've turned the key, they're in. For thieves, getting inside isn't an issue at all.

Then they insert some soft paper or cloth in the space under your door if there is one. Afterwards, the bad men use a hammer to pry the key from the lock, which causes them to land on some kind of fabric or paper, before slipping it under the door. The small windowpane can be broken to reach for the keys and unlock the door if your door has glass or is of the windowpane kind. As a result, do not leave your door key on the window sill, where it could be picked up by burglars (or other assailants).

As a result, as you can see, it's a good idea to keep the key out of sight. The key to your front door should never be in plain sight or in the lock. Keep your key hidden and out of sight.

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