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Home Garden


A young couple had everyone talking after showing off their house. See comments.

A young couple posted a picture of their home on the Limpopo Houses Facebook page, and it got everyone's attention. They shared the information that the guy was 26 years old and the lady was 25 years old, along with the caption "Bit by bit, we are getting there." Take a look at their post, which is located below.

They demonstrated the progression of their home from a one-room structure to a two-room structure with a veranda. Following the post, many people expressed their gratitude to the couple for their accomplishment. Take a look at some of the comments left by others down below.

It's wonderful that this couple is able to build a home of their own, despite the fact that the process is taking longer than expected. The house itself appears to have been rushed, and the overall quality of the construction can be called into question. It is important to have a place to call home, but it is equally important to have a high-quality home.

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