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If you purchase new house check step by step how to show your ancestors where do you live (opinion)

Ancestors are people that had passed away during the funeral we only bury the body but the spirit keep on living

Ancestors communicate with us by dream and instincts , pay attention to your dreams to get guidance from your ancestors

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka many people change their way of living when they left rural areas to urban areas

You can do your ritual even if you're staying in urban areas

As we all know that the ancestors live the world of spirituality, they can communicate with us by dreams, when we are sleeping we also connect with the world of spirituality

People need to know that ancestors need to be invited when you have purchase a new place and show them where do you live

follow the following steps to show the ancestors you new house

You need to have impepho snuff sweats , traditional beer

In your new house place a 1liter or more of traditional beer (mqombothi) and sweats, then go to a place where the are no people, like the mountain , you need to do this after the sunset

When you arrive in the mountain lite impepho with white candles, when the smoke of impepho rise

Call upon your ancestors from your father side following by ancestors from your mothers side

Tell them who you are and say I have bought a new place and tell them to go with you so that you can show them where do you live

When you have finished go straight to your new house, during this process you must know that you're no longer alone your ancestors goes with you

Don't talk with anyone untill you arrive at your house , go to a place where you have placed a traditional beer and sweats

Say this is my new place, lead me to a good directions that will make me to get successful, protect me and my family

Give me strength, good luck i have done a traditional beer, you can drink and those who doesn't drink they must eat the sweats

On that night pay attention to your dreams

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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