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OPINION|| Are people getting kicked of clubs, or are they trying to get social media attention?

At this point you can't believe anything that people say on social media, as people will say almost anything for social media attention and to gain followers. People don't mind causing a little bit of dram on socials so that they can divert attention to themselves, with that being said we really can't say that they aren't telling the truth either, but with this age of social media it much better to rake everything with pinch of salt, because anyone can fabricate a story for social media so that people can read and engage on his/her post and he/she finally gets to trend.

There has been some people who have said that they have been kicked out of clubs around South Africa, an the reason for that is because they look a certain way or dressed in a certain manner, well obviously going to an exclusive club, well you have to dress a certain way and look a certain way, that's why the club is exclusive in the first place, because it knows the kind of people it serves and, if you go to an exclusive club dressed like someone who just woke up and decided to go partying most likely you'll get kicked out.

Ever notice how some normal clubs do not care about stuff like the way your dressed and so on, but there are certain clubs that do, well that's bacause some clubs are exclusively for some people and it could be your not one of them.

So I personally think that some people go to exclusive places like these, while they know that they aren't welcome or they won't afford anything there but still go and hope for the best, and when they get kicked out, they go and vent on social media about how they were treated unfairly at a certain nightclub, and they leave out the facts as to why they got kicked out.

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