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The 'pap wallet' that got people talking

God gave us different talents. If you don't embark on a journey to discover who you really are, you may end up thinking you are not gifted where as it is not the case. There are common talents and abilities that are easily discovered, such include singing, dancing. 

Many singers discovered themselves at a tender age, simply because singing is a norm, it is something that we do in our everyday life. However some talents can't be easily discovered. Sometimes you have to fail at what you think you do best for you to discover your other abilities. Many actors never dreamt of being actors when they were young. They thought they'd be doctors up until they discovered who they. 

On a Facebook group about cooking, a member shared her meal and people were thrilled by her creative ideas. On the plate it was pap, cabbage and mango achar. The pap was in form of a wallet of which the woman claims there was meat inside. 

Many people saw creativity in that plate of meal. However there are those who don't believe that there was meat inside the pap wallet, they want proof. These meal got a lot of reactions, see some of the comments from the post below :

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