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Importance of acknowledging your spiritual guides

Some people have been told million times that they have ancestors gift and have consulted many times to confirm that but they still say I am waiting for my ancestors to show me my instructor.

What if you are like me you are self initiating healer.So are you going to wait for years or until you die to be shown spiritual teacher.

Because they will be no sign, at the beginning you will be dreaming of your ancestors and their things. But because you will be not taking any action the dreams will start to fade away.

Some dreams won't make sense, you know why this happens it's because they revealed themselves to you but did nothing.

By the time you wake up it will be difficult to bring them closer to you. You need to meet your ancestors halfway, you need to pray for a spiritual guider(coach).

This person's work is to help you find your way not to carry your journey for you, do your researchers, ask questions, go to forests to pray.

If you choose to be lazy and wait for spiritual guider to be shown to you, know that you might wait for something that will never happen, some people don't even bother to pray and ask for guidance.

Some don't even live a pure life, they drink, sleep around, engage in evil things, gossip and hate other people for no reasons. My advice to you is that take the first step, show your ancestors that you want a life with them.

Some people they do rituals not to heal their ancestors but for material things, you can't lie to the spirits, they know what you are up to, without you mentioning anything.

Choose God and your ancestors first and the rest shall follow.

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