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How much it can cost you to build this one room-house and all the material you could need (Opinion)

One could wonder how much it could cost him or her to start building a house from scratch. Well, in this article we will take a look at how much it would cost to build this one room house, starting from scratch.

This is a simple one room house and would not require much to build.

Here is what we estimate you could need and how much it could cost.

500 bricks: R3 750 (R7.50 each)

20 cements: R1 400 (R70 each)

6 roof sheets: R690 (R115 each)

9 planks: R855 (R95 each)

10 tile boxes: R1 450 (R145 each)

13 tile cements: R390 (R30 each)

2 Aluminum windows: R1 600 (R800 each)

1 Miranda door: R850

Other small materials (Nails, Brickforces, door handle): R600 (estimation)

Total: R11 585

To estimate, the bricklayer could charge you around R5000 to do the entire thing. If you count the money a brick layer could charge you, then it could be around R16 000.

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