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Witchcraft at its best, See what was spotted, money is being tied up

Black magic exists 😥 doesn't make any difference from who 😪😪 at times part hv just been innocent its life, our convictions contrast alot. Quit giving family members Cash and dear companions, they ties your accomplishments those R100 R50 R20 your giving them, somebody you got stunned you will get your compensation on the 25 of every month , yet on the 27 your broke before month end. 

This will make you be closefisted with cash ,of acquire individuals cash to pull such a trick 👓 Not interesting coz this is one of the explanation we tattle individuals and say "They working however no advancement" it's their liberality that got them in to that. All m saying never Give anybody hardcor cash🤞🤞🤞 

💔.... At times u get full compensation however it gets completed so quick lapho u can't bring up one thing you did with your cash... Be cautious who you give your cash to🤞🏽


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