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Who knew Authors can look this Hot. See Amazing Pictures of Jackie Phamotse. Read her Bio

Being an author is difficult than many people think. Many people call themselves story tellers but it takes real talent to put pen to paper and actually write a book.

People have tried and failed, mostly because it takes hard work and time to become a good author. Being a writer requires a powerful imagination and story telling abilities.

Jackie Phamotse is an up and coming author and is already making headlines with her sterling work. He first book is an autobiography "Bare". She is a self-publishing author and much of her work is promoted by her fans online.

"Bare" is a series and she has already produced a follow up book called, "Ego". Her books are truly loved and hopefully would be turned in to television productions soon.

Most authors are lucky enough to have their work turned in to a movie or television series. Game of Thrones is based on novels written by George RR Martin. For those of us who didn't know his books, we sure started to know more about him after watching the amazing stories in Game of Thrones.

We hope directors in South Africa and internationally can adapt her work in to a screen production.

If you have a good story and a passion then why not try writing a book. You may be surprised by the positive feedback you might receive.

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