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If These Things Happen To You, You Might Be Bewitched - Opinion

Witchcraft is defined as the practice of what the practitioner ("witch") believes to be supernatural abilities and skills, such as casting spells and performing magical rites. Witchcraft is a broad phrase with many cultural and societal variations, making it difficult to describe precisely. The use of supernatural means to harm the innocent has long been the most common meaning among non-practitioners; this is still the case in most traditional cultures around the world, especially in Indigenous cultures of Africa and the African diaspora, Asia, Latin America, and the Americas.

Here are signs that you might be bewitched.

Typically, the indicators involve disruptions and irregularities in yourself and those you love and care for. If it's done on only you, nothing out of the ordinary will happen to anyone else but you.

For example, supposing you're used to receiving all you want or obtaining/achieving whatever you want through your hard work and aspirations, and then everything falls apart or nothing comes from that hard work.

Things that you used to do are no longer a part of your routine. If you are used to bedding specific cultural groups and then start bedding ones you despise on a regular basis, you will be unable to quit. You've been stuck in a rut for a long time. Things keep happening to you that are bad and abnormal.


 No matter how hard you pray, no blessings come your way. You keep feeling sick, going to the doctor, and having real indications and symptoms that are unjustified and undiagnosed. This is something that amazes scientists.

You are usually in touch with your body and have no authority or control over it. You lose control over urges that you can typically regulate.

 Sudden love or hate, extreme fatigue, excessive hair loss, strange dreams, sleep disturbances, inability to complete anything, failure in almost everything you do, inability to concentrate, blocked income, relationship problems, many people turn against you and cause you trouble for no apparent reason. Isolation, mood fluctuations, mental and physical illness, suicidal ideation, self-harm, physical aches and pains, Everything seems to go wrong in life: abdominal pain or bloating after eating, menstruation problems, and so on.

 Are you bewitched?

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