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Here Are Funny Pictures and Jokes for fun

Akpos' father desired that he and his brother, Mike, receive an A on their math exam. As a result, he hired a maths tutor to assist them in passing their exams. They completed the exams, and the results of their scores were released a few days later.

Akpos received an E on his mathematics exam. As Akpos was walking home, he noticed his brother limping towards him with a swollen head. "What occurred and who did this to you?" Akpos inquired, surprised. "Daddy did this to me because I had a B in Maths," Mike explained slowly and painfully. For the previous two weeks, Akpos has been missing!

A woman was walking down the street when she noticed Akpos, who happens to be her fiance, standing by the ATM. She quickly went into hiding and texted him, "Send me your dreams, honey, if you're asleep right now. Send me your laughs if you're laughing. Send me some food if you're eating. Send me your tears if you're crying. If you're going to the ATM, please send me some cash." "I'm in the bathroom, what should I send?" Akpos answered.

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