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Different Types of Callings Healers have.

There are different types of Callings and most of them you need an assistant (Gobela) to help you reach your graduation stage, but having said that not all callings are meant for being a Sangoma or a Phrophet even thou some of the signs are similar. Some of you might not even twasa, that will be explained at a later stage.

So here we go...

Isangoma: I think most people think all healers are sangomas but it's not true. Sangomas are healers who use ukuthi made from plants, animals and the soil. They can do ukufemba to heal, some are using bones, mirror and candle readings.

Abathandazi: In my own words I would love to call them prayer warriors. They use iziwasho, water and prayers to heal and they offer candle readings as a consultation.

Izinyanga: They are well known as herbalists, they only have knowledge of medical plants or medicine and are only instructed by their ancestors to heal with that medicine. They can also give you medicine if you were diagnosed by Isangoma.

Ababethelisi: They are not just your midwives but also African pediatricians. They specialize with helping children and with pregnancy. They can help one to concive and they can reveal and are able to change the gender of an unborn baby. They are also good with facilitating child birth and also healing childrens sickness.

Izincibi: They are surgeons who specialise in circumcision, they can perform and operation and often deal with wounds.

Abahlahli: They are more of African mediums who can deliver you messages coming from the spirit world, but can also reveal names, details, and bad things caused to us by people behind our backs.

Abahlaziyi: They have a gift of analysing problems and dreams. They are spiritualists, they have a deep understanding of the spirit world and how spirits operates in exsistence, the language they speak and how they posses a person. They also know how to interpret dreams.

All of these healers use beads and Cloths and it might be difficult for you to differentiate them, but they operate differently. Some might have even two or more of these callings, Thobela.

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