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Memes that will lighten up your mood

If cowboy was an actual person

Whenever one of my memes gets more than three Haha reactions. I be like 'it's not easy being famous mom'1.1 Identify a male bird (10 marks). It is obvious that the number 2 bird it's a female bird even a blind person can see it How your girlfriend looks at you when you are telling her a very interesting story that involves another girl. That's how girls are. In Australia, when a pupil comes late to class, they are given bread to eat dry as a punishment. We tried this in Africa... even the teachers started coming late... That's Africans and food for you I asked my heart why I can not sleep at night.

Heart replied: because you slept in the afternoon, do not act like you are in love

Me and my friends coming back from stealing memes A hot cup of tea for only my loyal followers

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