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Based on this, you must your shoes when you arrive home. If not you risk having these flames

Although it is standard practice to remove your shoes upon entering the house, there are health benefits associated with this practice.

Even though your shoes are brand new and appear to be spotless, they will gather a large number of hazardous bacteria that will eventually spread to all of the surfaces you walk on. According to studies, roughly 40 percent of shoes can transmit the germs Clostridium difficile into your home.

This bacteria causes infections that are resistant to most antibiotics and can cause diarrhea and stomach irritation. It can also spread throughout your home and survive for a long time on dry surfaces. It's also difficult to get rid of.

After a hard day, a walk in the park is a terrific way to unwind, but don't forget to put into your slippers as soon as you come home. Pesticides and other toxic chemicals used on parks and lawns can be tracked on your shoes and cause a variety of health problems, including skin and eye irritation. This is especially critical if your toddlers spend a lot of time crawling and playing on the floor, as well as putting things from the floor in their mouth.

Only 28 to 37 percent of people wear shoes that are comfortable. And if you've ever had foot pain or swelling, it's likely that your shoes aren't the right size. Shoes that don't fit properly might irritate your toes' skin, resulting in bruising and ingrown toenails.

Your feet will be happy and your floors will be cleaner if you wear slippers at home. You won't have to spend as much time vacuuming and mopping your floors because dirt, dust, and oil won't be tracked into your home. You also won't have to worry about heels and rough soles scratching your expensive hardwood floors.

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