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Guy Causes a Stir After Sharing his Trick on How he Grows his Chickens

People are always sharing ideas on social media to help each other out in what ever it is they need help in, and in some instances some people post stuff to make people laugh and forget a bit about their problems.

We all would like to be simpler some times, and find ways to make life a lot easier then it is, and to find loopholes around things that just don't have loopholes in them. This posted some pictures online about how to grow your chickens without the hustle of growing them the natural way, like feeding them, giving them some medication when they are still chicks and all that stuff.

He shared in the pictures that you can plant your eggs in the ground, just like plants , and then let them grow into full grown chicks in the grown and then just pick them just like when you pick your veggies from the ground. If only this were true it was going to make life a little bit easier, and a little less of a hustle to have chickens in your yard.

People saw this and just hoped that if only this was possible they would do it, and some just wanted to be able to do the same thing with money, just plant the money into the ground and let it grow just like a an investment would. 


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