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Tips To Propagate The Best Plants In your Garden With Ease

There are many ways to propagate houseplants, but today we'll show you the best and easiest ways! These methods include division, softwood cuttings, and leaf cuttings. If that sounds interesting, let's get right to the gardening business for the day.

Plant division is easy and the best way to ensure plant multiplication. Any plant that has more than one central stalk is a candidate for plant division. These include most perennials such as hostas, day lilies, iris, phlox, coneflowers, black eyed susans, asters, and astilbes.

1. Start by digging up the entire plant.

2. Separate the crowns in order to make new plants. Some plants may be separated by just using your fingers, while others may be a bit more resilient and require cutting. No worries though, your new plant will be fine!

3. Replant each crown that was separated immediately into a pot. Water well and follow regular care guidelines!

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