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Being gifted is just following your ancestors roots and path to becoming healers

Difference between being gifted and being called..

Being gifted is when you have the abilities to forsee things beyond the naked eye, is when your ancestors can communicate with you through dreams and other ways like visions and body scenes..

Being gifted isn't always to serve or help people and doesn't always require you to go to initiation school as being gifted. is just following your ancestoral roots and paths.

Being called is having your ancestors that once had a calling to serve people as a traditional healer.spiritual mentor e.t.c. your ancestors are the ones that call us to part take in their ancestral roots and paths to become healers.

Being called is when a gifted person is being given a task to become a healer and has chosen you to continue with the journey.

You can be gifted and not being called.

You cannot being called without being gifted.

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