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10 Bizarre Things You're Only Likely To Find In China And Not Any Other Part Of The World

1. The Chinese Army

The Chinese Army is said to have some of the most attractive ladies on the planet. Women serving in the army are not uncommon, but the Chinese women serving in the army are on a whole different level. They are considered to be the most gorgeous, particularly when dressed in their uniforms.

2. Police geese have replaced police dogs

This is arguably one of the most distinctive aspects of Chinese culture. Unlike other nations, where police canines are used to preserve peace and order, in China, geese are in control, and according to reports, they are excellent at their jobs. The birds are reputed to be exceptionally good and aggressive, particularly toward criminals.

3. Traffic jam standby .

If you live in a major city, you are undoubtedly familiar with the feeling of being trapped in traffic for hours on end. This is true in the majority of countries, but in China, things are a little more complicated. In the event that you become fatigued, there are jam stand-ins who will take over. They will take care of the automobile, and one of them will transport you to your destination on a bike, if necessary.

4. Buildings that are covered with nets

Employers are extremely concerned about the welfare of their employees, which is why they cover their buildings with nets to prevent their staff from committing suicide. That's something that only happens in China, I believe.

5. Ghost weddings.

Our is, I believe, the most unusual entry on this list. Corpses are sold, and in some cases, stolen, in order to be presented as brides for marriage. This is done by relatives in memory of loved ones who died when they were young and had not yet married or had children. I suppose this should be referred to as a posthumous marriage.

6. Ghost Towns and Cities

These ghost towns were created as a result of China's rapid economic development. The number of houses and structures grew overwhelming to the point that certain cities were devoid of residents. This is particularly odd when you consider that China has a population of 2 billion people, making it the world's most populous country.

7. Stone forest

We from other countries understand that a forest must have trees, but China has caused us to reconsider our understanding of what constitutes a forest. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is primarily composed of stones, with only a few trees interspersed throughout.

8. Dressing in your jammies

Other countries, on the other hand, think that pajamas are exclusively appropriate for the bedroom. In China, pajamas are worn throughout the day, and even when walking down the street, you will notice a large number of individuals wearing them. That shouldn't come as a surprise to you the next time you visit China, should it?

9. Canned air

Perhaps canned meat and other goods are all that you are used with, but the situation in China is much different. Bottles of air are available for purchase, and they come in a variety of flavors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Which of the items listed above do you consider to be the most bizarre? Please share your views and ideas with us in the comment area below, and please remember to like and share this post.

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