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5 ways to keep spiders out of your bed

1. Spray your sheets with essential oils

Certain fragrances, especially the potent smells found in essential oils, are repellent and toxic to spiders. Try using orange, mint, lemon and lavender. Mix several drops of one or all of these essential oils into a spray bottle with water, then spritz your bedding with the solution. Not only will you keep spiders away, but your sheets will smell fresh.

2. Keep your bed away from the wall

If your bed is pushed into a corner or up against a wall with no headboard, spiders will find it easy to find their way into your sheets through cracks in the wall. Keep your bed a slight distance from the wall, and also make sure it’s not touching other furniture or appliances that could be attracting bugs.

3. Don’t eat in bed

While it may be comfortable to nibble on snacks while you’re curled up in the covers, spiders will get comfortable gorging on your crumbs. Keep the food in the kitchen.

4. Don’t store boxes or anything else under the bed.

When you put boxes, shoes, clothing or anything else under your bed, spiders have an easy place to make a home and then find their way into your bedding. If you keep the area underneath your bed clean and free of debris, this keeps critters from setting up camp.

5. Clean your bedding often

One of the easiest ways to keep bugs out of your bed is to change your bedding often. Spiders can be attracted to the oils, hair and skin cells that settle on your sheets after you’ve slept in them a few days

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