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Check out why this grocery list left people on stitches

A shopping list is a list of products that a shopper needs to buy. Consumers frequently create a list of groceries to buy on their subsequent trip to the supermarket (a grocery list). The shopping list was well-known in ancient Mesopotamia by the year 2000 B.C. Shopping lists from the Roman and Biblical eras have survived.

The actual shopping list could be as simple as a scrap of paper or something more complex. In the home, generally on the refrigerator, there are pads with magnets for storing incremental lists, but any magnetic clip with scraps of paper can be used to accomplish the same goal. For usage in a shopping list, there is even a dedicated gadget that dispenses a strip of paper from a roll. Some shopping carts include a little clipboard for carrying shopping list

Speaking of grocery list, this list below caused a stir on social media, with how it is written many were left in stitches.



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