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Toys So Horrifying That You'll Be Thankful You're No Longer A Kid

When I was younger, toys were a exciting regardless of how they looked. We were just greatful that we had something to play with.

Now looking back there were true horrors out there that would terrify you as as n adult.

1. I'm not sure about you, but I'd be too scared to play this baby piano.

2. And I would not, under any circumstances, cuddle with this...stuffed nightmare.

3. There's no denying that a rubber foot is creepy...

4. No, this isn't a naughty toy; it's for children. Apparently.

5. In the meantime, I'm not sure which is more bizarre: this doll's open uterus or its tiny white eyes.

6. And, while every child goes through a horse phase, I'm not sure about a man-pony phase.

7. The bear-in-a-box concept could be cute...but you lost us with the surprise pig.

8. I'm also not sure I like the shape of this bubble wand.

9. Why carry around a regular doll when you can scare the bejeezus out of everyone with this one?

10. Or will this one simply confuse everyone?

11. Good luck convincing your children that real babies do not come in bottles.

12. Meanwhile, we're fairly certain that this green goblin-like creature will come to life at night.

13. The same goes for this strangely demonic Snow White:

14. What exactly is this?

15. And why is this one so tall?

16. Is this supposed to be a robbery?

17. And is this supposed to make me cry?

18. And why does this panda resemble a human disguised as a panda?

19. And, while we think this Barbie bust is a little too murder victim-y...

20. But it's this perpetually grumpy goober who takes the cake:

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