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Never buy this kind of products again, run for your life. Click to see why

We all know that Koo company is producing good and quality products from Tiger Brands company. If any koo products can have a problem, Tiger brands company will inform South African nation that the product it has a problem, we should not buy it or whoever who already bought the product he/she must return it and get refund. Because they don't wanna hurt or damage anyone. We don't say don't buy original koo beans from tiger brands company. Here in South Africa we have problems with smollians by producing fake products. We are sick and tired of them, because they damage the name of the company and the image of the company. Here in this article we shared pictures of Original koo beans from Tiger Brands and fake koo beans from Somalian shops. Please check the pictures below, and we will explain it to you how to spot real and fake koo beans. Check Pictures below.

We hope you saw pictures. Here we go the one written "My F" with big green letters is meaning "My Friend" is for somalians is a fake koo beans, that you are not allowed to buy them. The way they packed them outside they look more nice with extra tomato sauce, but when you open them, you will find white beans with low tomato sauce and most of them are expired, they haven't return them to Tiger Brands the time they do product recall last of last month.

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