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10 Disturbing things you should not keep in your bedroom

Many items that are typically stored in the bathroom, on the other hand, should be stored in a cool, dry environment with minimal changes in temperature and humidity. Keeping these items in the bathroom can damage them or create health problems. Read on for a list of 10 items that should never be put away in the bathroom.

1. Laundry basket A laundry basket in the bathroom is undoubtedly ideal. in your clothes. It will also stimulate the multiplication of many bacteria, and even a wash cycle at 140 ° C will not be able to eliminate them.

2. Towels Many bathrooms have linen closets where people keep their towels, but humid air is not ideal for them. 

If accessible, hallway linen closets are the best place to store towels as they will not be exposed to high humidity levels, which can cause mould to grow, resulting in a musty smell. The same legislation applies to bathrobes and other household linens.

3. Toothbrushes Sure, you want to keep your toothbrush in the same place you brush your teeth, but the toilet flushes bacteria out of the air. Heat and humidity are good conditions for these germs to multiply, so keep your toothbrushes in a cool, dry place, like your bedroom.

4. Jewellery You may have noticed discolouration in the metal if you have vintage jewellery. The oxidized appearance is caused by oxidation, a natural process accelerated by humidity and humidity, even on new accessories. Store your necklaces, rings and bracelets in a cool, dry place to keep their lustre and sparkle.

5. Replacement razor blades. Moisture and steam from showers and bathrooms can dull and rust the blades, making them ineffective and sometimes harmful.

6. Nail polish If you want to extend the estimated two-year shelf life of your beautiful nail polish, don't keep it in the bathroom, where the temperature fluctuates. Instead, store them at room temperature, which means you shouldn't keep them in the fridge.

7. Makeup sponges and brushes These types of items absorb moisture and even build up mould. Brushing your teeth with a bacteria-infested toothbrush is unhygienic, as is brushing and blotting your skin with a mouldy brush or sponge.

8. Perfume A great perfume should last a long time and probably isn't cheap. However, light, heat, and humidity can quickly discolour your favourite scent. Store your bottles in a cool, dry place, like the inside of a drawer, or use them to decorate a cupboard shelf. Keep scents out of the bathroom at all costs.

9. Electronics Radios, iPods and even phone chargers can be damaged by high humidity. Keep it out of the bathroom unless it is designed specifically for it (for example, the electric toothbrush).


Even though many of us keep prescription drugs in the bathroom (after all, it's called the medicine cabinet), it is not the best place for them. pills and potions. Most prescription labels state that they should be kept in a cool, dry environment and that the bathroom is probably the wettest place in the house. Instead, place the prescription vials in your room, out of the reach of children. the same advice also applies to vitamins. Please share this important piece with someone. Source:

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