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Here are few tips to avoid a boring Sunday.

Sunday is the 7th day of the week and most of the time they are boring.It's because we usually don't have much to do beside going to Church ,some people don't even go to Church so i have few things that you need to try and do it to avoid having a boring sunday.

1.Dedicate Sundays to yourself.

During weekdays we usually go to school or work then on weekends we spend our time with friends and family it is beneficial for your social life,but you also need sometime alone and a sunday is the best day to do that.

2.Plan your next week.Sundays can be best to use them to plan your week avoid missing certain meetings,broken deadline .Planning your week will keep you away from trouble .

2.Take a hobby.

Focusing too much on your work can affect your health,due to the amount of stress you get from your work.It is nice to have a hobby that's unrelated to work that can keep you busy and creative during the weekend. There are many hobbies you can do.

3.Exercise As exhausting as it is to exercise ,we need to exercise.Because our bodies are responsible for the state of mind.You can take a long walk it is beneficial for your heart rate,blood pressure,lungs and brain.

4.Clean up around the house.

During the week we usually don't have much time to clean around the house. We come back from work exhausted all we want to do is to eat and sleep in that way we don't get time to clean around the house.Even on Saturdays we out with friends in that way sunday is the best day to do all the cleaning.

5.Go to Church .Church can help you reconnects us to our shared beliefs and it can develop a heart to love and serve God and people. Also fight bad spirits.

I hope you find these tips useful and have an amazing sunday.

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