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5 Most Hilarious Rollercoaster Photos Ever Taken, Number 5 Will leave you in stitches

Let's face it; the only reason rollercoasters exist is because people love the excitement and the adrenaline rush. Even though many people have a rollercoaster phobia (which is as real as it gets), they still take the ride to look directly into the eyes of their fear. 

And guess what? That fear laughs back at them. If you don't believe us, then take a look at these hilarious rollercoaster photos. Before you start laughing too hard just make sure you're not the one doing an over-the-top face on a rollercoaster ride or else you might be the next one to end up on this list!

1. Ride The Rollercoaster They Said, It'll Be Fun They Said...

This guy forced his wife to go on Splash Mountain, but she wasn't impressed. She is like, "I had fun once, didn't like it."

So we can say that this is one of the most determined grumpy faces ever. She's like, "just let me get home." Our recommendation to this couple (which hopefully is still together) is to frame this photo and hang it on the wall because it is priceless.

2. Somebody Call An Exorcist

This is what the face of FEAR looks like and we have to say that this particular face of fear is so hilarious and relatable.

Hey, we feel bad for the lady, but she pretty must’ve known what she was getting into before taking the ride. So if you ever wondered what a possessed person looks like, you saw one now.

3. Karen, It Was Supposed To Be A Fun Ride!

If laughing at this photo makes you or anyone a bad person, so be it. After all, this kid looks like having not the best time and his facial expression is priceless.

As far as we know, his hair refused to come down for two weeks. We hope it wasn’t a traumatizing experience for the kid.

4. The Best Family Rollercoaster Pose Ever

This is one of those rollercoaster poses we would buy without asking any questions. It looks great that all four of them are going through their morning routine, but what about the guy in the back? Is he trying to poop?

By the way, the guy with the shaving cream has a high level of commitment. Mad respect that guy!

5. Reason #1 To Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside The Rollercoaster

This photo is pure gold. Two guys can't believe their friend lost both of his arms during the ride and one guy that looks like Kevin Hart is laughing in the back.

Then the lady in the front looks like she's faking it for the camera and the guy in the front looks like he's sleeping. And that's not all because someone at the top left corner looks like they're praying. This photo is too hilarious.


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