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A day of celebrations ended in tragedy

The joining of two families should be a big celebration, this day comes after a man has asked a woman's hand in marriage, when the woman agrees, the man will send his family to represent him at the bride's family to pay the bride price. In South Africa we call this bride price, Lobola.

A day of Lobola celebrations is a very special days, a day of joy, laughter and celebrating love between two people who have chosen each other. This day the two families gather to know each other, eat and drink.

A family in Limpopo was left in shock after a day of Lobola ceremony ended in tragedy, four people died when a wall collapsed on guests.

The tragedy happened during a Lobola ceremony in GaChuene Thokqwaneng. People who attended the ceremony were seated in a tent which was positioned next to an unroofed building, when a strong wind blew, the wall collapsed and killed 3 people on the spot, it also injured a number of people, one of the injured later died in hospital.

A day planned to be of happiness ended very bad, this day was to celebrate but instead became a very bad day. The people who witnessed all that had happened on the day are definitely traumatized and shocked.


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