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A guy posted his R9000 sound system he had just bought but people noticed this!

It’s no news that everyone loves money. It’s a good feeling be able to get what you want when you want it.

 However there are certain things that people wish to buy but cannot afford simply because they will be covering their basic expenses. A certain guy has gone viral after he posted a picture of his new sound system that costed him around R9000

A lot of people however noticed something else that appeared in the guy’s picture. The house was in so much disorder. There was no decent bed or even a proper kitchen unit. If he could afford a Sound system of R9000 then he should have bought his house furniture instead.

 A lot of people were laughing at the amount of disorder in the room despite the availability of n expensive sound system. Some were of the opinion that he probably does not have any food in his house yet he is buying expensive gadgets that’s are actually of no essential benefit to him.

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