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Laugh Till You Drop With These Funny Memes

1. Some people need a shock collar and i need the remote.

2. I was drinking a margarita and the waitress screamed "Does anyone know CPR?" I Yelled, "I know the entire Alphabet" And we all launched and laughed. Well expect one guy. 3. When you just finished cleaning and see your kid eating crackers.

4. And let's add a happy little BBQ Smoker right there.5. When you take her out on a date and you're trying to drop hints.6. I sent you $100 USD on your birthday and now it's my turn and all am seeing is "a king was born today"7. When you go to a public bathroom and the door has no lock .8. and when I flush this baby it automatically posts on Twitter. Facebook and YouTube.

9. And just like that all the clocks were right again.

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