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Put this in your bath water to make yourself be lovable and attract good energies

People won’t often tell you their secrete to success. Nowadays you can not just bath with water and expect things to go your way. Sometimes prayer needs to be met with efforts to attract what you want in life.

Traditional medicine can be a bit pricy and also not everyone’s guides allows them to use muthi. There are many over the counter mixtures you can do yourself to cleanse your aura, help attract good energies, lasting relationships too.

We all know people will tell you to go buy holy ash without clear guidance on how to use it. You can mix holy ash, camphor block, a bit of spirit and madubula in your everyday bath to chase away bad spirits, this mixture can help chase away spiritual husbands that evil people send to come and have sex with you in your dreams and steal your lucks. This mixture can also help you be attractive and make your relationships last because people will find you attractive.

when you use this mixture you can use sunlight green bar soap as your bathing soap. You pray and talk as you bath using this mixture and say all you want in life.

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