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Secret ways to deal with smelly feet this summer season


When the sun gets too hot people with smelly feet tend to feel uncomfortable whenever they are in public spaces, during this rainy days majority feel much calm since they know that their feet will never bring the smell out. The bacteria that causes peoples feet to smell comes a lot during summer.

To avoid being laughed at one needs to learn how to wash their feet and wear shoes that are open for air circulation. Another thing is to keep your feet dry at all cost, when wearing sneakers try to take them off now and again especially when you come to an environment were its too hot. After removing them keep them outside on a shade to allow air to come in, you can even use powder to keep them from smelling.

The most important task to do is to disinfect your shoes, use spray disinfectant to take care of that nasty smell. Trust me no lady will walk away from you. Best advice is to always wear open shoes if your feet sweat a lot during hot days.

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