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Sangoma explains different kids of impepho and how do they work (opinion)

Impepho is certain herb that works in different ways to communicate with you your ancestors, impepho is burnt by anyone that wanted to communicate with his ancestors

I know some families don't allow everyone to burn impepho because of different reasons, according to herbalist a person that going to burn impepho must be clean

impepho need to be respected there are many different types of impepho they are important in their own ways , impepho is the best thing to communicate with your ancestors, white mpephograndfathers mpepho ( mpepho yamakhehle), traditional healers mpepho, impepho for messengers m, Impepho for messenger this is burnt by someone that wishes to communicate with his messenger/ guardian angels

mpepho for sangomas , many healers use this impepho to clear people's dreams, if you dream and forget about your dreams this is pefect, it is also used for steaming, drinking and bathing

mpepho for grandfathers , it is used for communicating with grandfathers, it also helps a lot in men's problems

white mpepho it is used for a person that was born with a special cloth, some healers use it to open dreams, you can use it mix with holly ash or camfor blocks, some people complain about they don't get any response after they have done ukuphahla,

you need to consult a sangoma, because that can be caused by different things, mybe you need to be cleanse, you family need to do certain rituals that you have failed to do

black water can also cause that everyone that burns impepho in the family might encounter the opposite of what they have asked, because if your family is have the deep curse black water

whenever you burn impepho talking with your ancestors the person that has turned the ancestors will hear everything that you're saying

Source Mr mavuka

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