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Here are some amusing jokes and images for your amusement

The images are simply used for entertainment purposes.

1. People these days are incredibly overworked!!!

Last night, an Okada man worked until 11:50 p.m., and when he got home, he decided to take a sower. He screamed as he ran out of the restroom, naked.

Ghost, Ghost, Ghost!

He said he poured water on his head around 5 times and the water did not contact his head as he told his story.

His neighbors hurried out when they heard this, only to learn that the amusing man had not removed his helmet before taking his bath.

Uche paid a visit to a friend. The friend's wife prepared a meal for him with lots of meat, while their children's meals consisted solely of sliced onions and tomatoes. After the lunch, Uche inquired as to why his friend had so much meat but the kids had none. "What should I do when they say they won't eat Dog?" asked a pal. Uche has been vomiting since yesterday.

I did wrong?

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