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10 Warning Signs That Someone Is Not What You Think They Are -Bad-

While we like to assume we know what bad (bad) is, really bad is much smarter and often seems to be absent. People are good; No matter how bad they get, there will always be something good about them. And no matter how hard we try to see the good in everyone, there will always be some willing to use the good in them for nefarious purposes. These people are bad (bad) and they enjoy it.

10 Signs That Someone Is Bad.

1. Denying Reality They won't agree with you about the truth as you know it. These people are aware of another reality and will never accept it. And this is not a case of minor differences; This is a case of reality contrary to your perverted ideas and interpretations. 2. Twisting the facts 

The ability to manipulate any fact found is the secret of their trade, that is, any information that contradicts their goals and the deceptive reality they seek to enforce. out of context, pasting them in with other things, and constructing "alternate" facts that serve your purpose.

3. Withholding Information 

They are willing to hide pertinent facts if there is a fear that something is affecting the personalities they are trying to build. "I did not lie! " It is not a lie if you do not say anything about it, of course, whether you lie or not, you keep this information hidden from the rest of the group and take advantage of your ignorance of the subject. Not only will you change the truth to make things more interesting, but you'll also feel bad about not trusting them.

4. Deceitful people When they see fit, they twist a fact into something that leaves you scared, helpless, attacked, hated, or incapable of doing anything. They know how to choose the right words to provoke the reaction they want in you. At some point, you will begin to believe the information offered as it was presented. You can use simple words to create enemies in your head; They can make you feel like you are doing everything wrong - words are their tools and they know how to use them effectively. 

5. Lying all the time Your version of 'sincerity' is shrouded in silver-tongued deception. His way of expressing himself is lies. You can't get an idea without considering how something juicy can also be incorporated. They lie to gain something and they lie to deceive those around them. And every time you catch her lying, I'll tell you a dozen more to make it up to you. They will "honestly" explain why they were told to shut up and you will feel sorry for them.

6. Lack of repentance These people have no mercy on those who killed, killed, or tried to kill them. People are seen as pawns in their game and the best people are seen as the best pawns. If they see something good in you, they will use it for them, treating you as if they had little understanding for people and saw an opportunity in every mistake they discover. It's because they enjoy other people's suffering and don't see why those people don't have to go through it.

7. Avoid Responsibility People who are bad don't have a moral compass. They do what they want and will never take responsibility for the suffering they have caused; when they realize they are blamed, they begin to fend off the guilt before it reaches it; they pass the money on to others and have no idea what. is an excuse. They believe that apologizing is a weakness and they know how to apologize to anyone they did wrong. Finally, apologize for your mistakes. Isn't that convenient? 

8. Taking advantage of others You have mastered the art of deception. You can prepare ten steps in advance, always knowing the purpose of their manipulation. If they want, they can make you feel stupid by forcing you to do things you don't know how to do and then take all the credit that you feel you are not competent enough to do to be to do what you did (although you already did right). 

9. Make Use of Your Time 

They will get under your skin in subtle ways and make you lose track of time knowing you have a schedule or other critical occasion with close friends and family. They don't want you to be superior to them in any way so don't expect to be great when they screw it up, they know exactly when to show up and sabotage your plans. with a concerned look on his face, watching him go insane as things started to fall apart. You understand that time is a valuable resource.

10. Live two separate lives These people will never tell you the truth about their lives

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