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If you want to attract money you can mix these things in your body lotion - OPINION.

In today's world money is the most important commodity that people use 24/7 to keep their lives going. If you don't have money this days you are nobody because everything needs money. If you go to shop to buy food you must atleast have money, churches needs money for tithe, schools needs money for you to get a proper education and even if you ask someone to help you with something important, at the end you must thank that person by giving them money. So without money is impossible to survive.

There is a belief that comes from spiritualy gifted people about the ways of attracting money. It is said that if you don't have luck in getting money, there might besomesort of curse that is holding back your blessings but that can be solved by getting cleansend first before using this products. You can cleansen yourself first by using grof salt, sea water, mathylated spirit, madubula and holy ash. You can take this mixtures and you them in a bath and rinsen yourself without using soap.

After rinsening yourself you must wait until your body gets dry, you must not wipe yourself for better results. After cleansening yourself with this combo you can now take your body lotion and pour 1spoon of holy ash inside, take your R10 money and burn it to ashes, after burning it to shes you can take those remaining ashes and put them on your body lotion together with holy ash. After mixing that holy ash and r10 ashes into the body lotion.

You can now take cinnamon spice and pour 1spoon if cinnamon in that body lotion and mix them well. After that you can pray God and ask your ancestors for blessings and prosperity in your life. There are people who reportedly done this mixture and said that it works wonders. Some of the people saytheir financial situations have changed for the better and they are now able to take care of themselves together with their loved ones.

Ofcourse not everyone is going to get helped by the same combo you can try it and not see results but after a while you might get surprisedand start to see changes.

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