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He posted this saying my new apartment but people noticed something that got them talking

It's everyone's dream to have a place of their own and show it to people that they have made it because you want people to see that you have made It in life. But then sometimes you don't have to put pressure on yourself by doing the unthinkable.

Things people do on social media will surprise you seriously, doing things just to impress people only because you see other people doing it, you also think you should also do it. Sometimes we can keep quiet but peer pressure plays a serious role in people's lives as they like competing with other people forgetting that life is not a race, because if you start to compare and race with other people you might end up making a fool of yourself in public.

A guy took to his social media account leaving people confused after posting a picture holding a key saying that's his new apartment. A lot of people had a lot to say as they noticed something about that place that left them confused by it.

The first person who commented wrote but that's a jail cell, I mean who posts a picture holding a key in a jail cell saying that's my new apartment. People on social media are many things but fools are not one of them, and sometimes it's always wise to make sure that before you post something remember people are watching, and people know things.

The minute people accept and understand that you're not in a competition with anyone but leave your life for yourself the better. Just because you saw people on social media posting pictures of their apartment doesn't mean you are also forced to have an apartment.

Some people allow other people's success to determine their future by doing unnecessary things only because they want to fit. And they don't know what did that other person do to get where they are. it's not everyone successful today claims to be happy, some people are not happy. And some people worked hard to be where they are. Therefore don't put pressure on yourself leave your life for yourself and forget about other people.

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