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Funny Pictures And Jokes for Your Day

When Akpos was walking down the street one day, he noticed a female and dashed over to her. When she first saw him, she mistook him for a crazy man running towards her.

She stomped her heels and dashed as quickly as she could. Akpos is still after her. The young lady ran until she was exhausted. She came to a halt when she could no longer run.

As Akpos approached her, she inquired, "Please sir, what do you require of me?"

"I don't want anything, I simply want to tell you that you are beautiful," Akpos stated.

Akpos came into the house and informed his father that he had received an exceptional grade. “This necessitates a party,” the father exclaims.

The father takes Akpos on a tour of the city, stopping at shopping malls and restaurants. He depleted his bank account's funds.

“At least I celebrated my son's accomplishment, even if I finally became broke,” the father reasoned. Akpos shows his Father his results when they get home.

“What is this?” his father snares angrily at his son, stunned. You said you had First Class, didn't you? However, I see a Third Class on your report!”

Akpos, who was grinning, exclaims, "April fool, Dad!"

Akpos is currently being treated at a general hospital's emergency room.

30. I'm not willing to take any chances.

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