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VIOLET: I hope and pray to stay consistent on my new lifestyle routine

She is hoping for all the best to become consistent as well as praying to continue with the new lifestyle she has started this year. For those who are just saying it is another year, they are not looking into the other possibilities with people like Nunuberry.


She has had a huge lifestyle-changing experience for her lifestyle and she has been living the lifestyle she chose at the moment. From how she has been, there is a huge amount of confidence in her and she should keep it that way. She is on the right path. It will be wonderful.


She is coming forward in the hope that she will continue what she started, so she is taking it to social media. Changing your lifestyle is simple, but maintaining it is another effort that other people are not likely to have through the entire course.


1. Poeletjo: I can see six packs already. Keep pushing, girl.

2. Dee: I like it.

3. Violet: Thank you very much. I hope you are also winning on your side. I plan to keep on pushing further.


Taking it slow is another wonderful technique she could acquire for herself to keep her longer than expected. It is not only for her to have, but it goes for everyone who is looking to get the same outcome. You have to work for it, and it is not a lifestyle that you can maintain without focusing on it.


She received a good response from the media, and it is wonderful that they chose not to discourage her with a great course. When you are doing something beautiful, you have good results, and for Violet, that really means a lot. Start doing the same good things as Nunuberry, but avoiddoing something that will taint your reputation.


It also goes with the meals you consume daily. You have to stay away from junk or unhealthy foods that will make it more difficult for you to have your desired results throughout the duration.

What are your thoughts?

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