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Meet Mario, The Man Who Trekked From South Africa To Egypt, See How Long It Took Him

We see and hear a lot of stories these days about different people or individuals from all around the world achieving amazing things. Many of these tales may be found and accessed on a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. So, I was going through my Facebook page lately when I came across photos and tales of a man named Mario Rigby.

Mario set a world record by walking from South Africa to Egypt. He generated a lot of buzz and received a lot of positive feedback from people who admired his bravery. What's more, it took him two years to finish the trek. For some people, even a short stroll of 2 to 3 kilometers might be unpleasant and exhausting, but for Mario, walking is a way of life. See more photos of him along the way in the gallery below.

Mario walked across several nations, including the desert. During his two-year trek through Africa, he snapped several photographs with the many people and cultures he encountered. His voyage came to a conclusion in Cairo, Egypt, where he became an overnight star and received several honors and accolades.

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