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Man Posted A Plate Of His Food, But People Noticed This Instead

Twitter is one social media platforms that allows people to interact with each other. It allows people from different spaces of the world to be able to talk to each. Some have even formed online friendships, and they haven't even met.

Twitter will allow you to have fun and also allows you to have moments, because whatever is shared there doesn't guarantee to make you happy. There have been many times where people were bullied, and some even left the platform for peace. There have been several people who actually can't go a day without Twitter.

A man decided to post a plate of his food on Twitter. He posted a plate with pap, soup and wors. A fellow tweep asked if he was having pap with a cigar. This is because the wors was too thin, and it indeed looked like a cigar. So many people found this hilarious, and they couldn't stop laughing at the joke.

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